Last goodbye darling.

9. července 2014 v 20:34 | Nya |  Dopisy
Dear darling,
In this world full of pretence and ilusion we found love.You gave me your trust and your heart.I'm so sorry for what i've done.I broke your heart and lost your trust.I thought,that it will be OK after some time,but it hurts still the same even after month and half.And you look so happy without me.We both know,that i'm not what you need.It's good think that this is the end,but why does it hurt so fucking much?I just wanna hold you and tell you about my feelings.Tell you how much i love you and i always will.I was so happy with you.My first serious relatishionship.Being without you is so painfull.Still walking on places,where we've been together,and listening our favourite songs.I cry every day babe.I just hope it will be ok soon.And i wish you the best to your life.Don't look back at me.I miss you darling,but this is good for both of us.Remeber my love,my hugs,my letters,my kisses.Maybe someday we will,meet again.You with new girl,me with new boy.And we can remember together on our love with smiling friendly faces.Till that time I can just hope for better tommorow.As you'ill be walking around our places,just remember I was there for you.Just remember with love every our moment.I will have always place in my heart for you.This is our last goodbye.
Live happily,with love Nya.

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